Flexible Billing for All Your Business Needs

December 1, 2021

Virtual Roots stands by the importance of transparency. The process of billing at Virtual Roots is simple - clients pay by the minute or may choose monthly plans. Billing by the minute is broken down into two categories: administrative support and graphic design, writing and web design support. The other category, monthly packaged plans, is priced per client. No two businesses require the same support, which is why your business’ packaged plan price varies.

Administrative support

Administrative support is billed by the minute - which means if we work for 7 minutes we bill you for 7 minutes. These services include everything from preparing and organizing paperwork in web forms, to updating listings on your website. Regardless of the administrative support you require, big or small, we can help.

Graphic design, writing and web design

We know that some business owners just aren’t great at the creative side. Our creative support is also billed by the minute. Our team of professionals makes the creative process seamless by writing marketing material, website copy, blog posts, developing logos and graphics, to ensure your ideas become a reality. Our team will ensure your business and social platforms stay fresh and current.

Monthly plans

Unlike our administrative support and graphic design, writing and web design support, monthly plans are billed based on the scope and frequency required by the individual client. The package plans are great for hands-on social media management, email marketing campaigns and digital advertising. Our team ensures the copy and graphics for your social media posts are created and published in a timely and consistent manner. Essentially, we run your social platforms so you can spend your time doing other things.

Regardless of the support you require, our team can develop a plan that works for you and your business. From active support to part-time support or occasional and project-based support - the quantity is irrelevant but the quality will always be exceptional.

We can help you with every aspect of your business or just parts of your business. That is what is great about what we do, we are here to help with whatever you need help with. There are no minimums and we will bill by the minute for the tasks you ask us to do.