Google For Small Businesses – Google Workspace

October 6, 2022

Google For Small Businesses - Google Workspace


What is Google Workspace?


Google Workspace is a paid service that integrates many different Google applications and platforms like Gmail and Google Drive. Google Workspace (formerly known as the G Suite) is arguably the most useful service that Google has to offer for small and large businesses alike, as it can create an excellent collaborative environment for internal and external business communications.


What does it do?


Google Workspace essentially ties everything together. If your business works at least somewhat remotely, Google Workspace could help streamline your processes since you won’t have to bounce back and forth between different platforms made by different companies.


It primarily gives you access to your own customizable, secure business email domain with an integrated chat feature and an easy-to-use video meeting space. It features phishing and scam protection that statistically block more than 99.9% of attacks.


Gmail is heavily integrated with Google Drive, allowing you to quickly and efficiently create and share files with clients and coworkers at the click of a button. Work collaboratively in real time, leave comments on the document, or communicate in the live chat to make sure your team is all on the same page. If you’ve got any worries about switching over from another platform, Google Drive allows you to open a variety of file types with built-in interoperability.


Google Workspace also gives you access to personal and shared calendars through Google Calendar to help you plan meetings, deadlines, days off and more.


Each level of the plan comes with security and management controls, cloud storage and customer support. Some features enhance or increase based upon your chosen plan, like your ability to record calls and the amount of total storage you have.


How should my business get started?

Google has got an incredibly informative page on Google Workspace, so we would highly encourage you to check it out for more information. There are so many different ways for a variety of businesses to make use of this service, so we’d recommend looking at the various plans to see what works best for you and your employees.

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