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November 15, 2021

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Canva is one of the world’s most innovative and user-friendly graphic design platforms. It allows freelancers, small business owners and those with little to no graphic design experience to create beautiful and professional marketing materials. Canva offers a variety of templates from social media and presentation templates, to brand kits and digital logo templates.

Canva allows you to seamlessly put your ideas and images into strong marketing deliverables. If you’re hoping to expand your brand or better understand just how critical social media is for the growth of your business, consider watching some of the following Canva course videos: 

Social Media Mastery: 

Social media is key in driving your business. This course covers everything social media, from the importance of content planning to how to ensure your brand is easily identifiable through your social content. By taking you back to the fundamentals and basics of social media, the course will help you establish a stronger online presence.

Graphic Design Basics:

This course is a must for any small business owner. Even if someone else creates your graphic designs, it’s important to understand the different design techniques. It will help you better understand the benefits of consistency and aesthetics. Essentially Canva will help you think like a designer and allow you to bring your ideas to life.

Branding Your Business:

This course covers everything branding. Industry leaders talk about what makes a brand stand out and how to implement your branding strategy across the whole of your business. It covers why branding matters and how to deliver on your brand’s promise.

Each course consists of 10 to 12 short and engaging lessons. Each lesson highlights a key point. The delivery format, being short 2-minute video clips, allows you to re-watch the lessons you find most compelling. 

Discover all that Canva has to offer both you and your business. Happy learning!

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