Tips for Writing a Captivating Listing Description

June 22, 2022

Tips for Writing a Captivating Listing Description: While the catchiest description in the world can’t sell a house on its own, it’s one of many tools Realtors use to market their listings.


It’s no secret that words can be persuasive. Although pictures are some of the most important tools to promote a home, they don’t tell the whole story. Writing a good listing description is paramount. It should convey standard information about the property, but also include creative use of the right words to sell the features of the home, as it’s where potential buyers look for more information after any strong images pique their interest. The listing description will guide the potential buyer into how they should feel about the property, it’s also a great opportunity to mention features that aren’t easily displayed on images like neighbourhood attractions and amenities.


Remember that your listing is one of many.


It’s likely that there are many other similar listings surrounding the one you’re trying to promote. This is why you have to make an effort to be unique and stand out among the others. Make sure that the key points of your description highlight the unique strengths of the home or property, as you want to be memorable and different from the competition. Include advantages to your listing that buyers won’t find on other properties. Look at other listings. Are there any that catch your eye? Look for things they do well for inspiration, but make sure to put a unique twist to stand out.


While there is a character limit on Matrix, in other marketing make sure to keep the listing description around 300 words, as people don’t generally have an attention span for anything longer when browsing. Make sure that your listing has a strong hook that grabs the attention of the reader. Include a call to action and contact information at the end that incentivises them to reach out and ask for more details, creating a potential lead.


Leave these out of the description:


  • Anything that could be considered a red flag by potential buyers


  • Anything negative that doesn’t specifically need to be mentioned


  • Very basic info that buyers could infer about your property


  • Generic lines like “Near shopping & parks” if you can try to include how close they are i.e. walking distance, 5 minute drive etc. and try to be more specific, is it a mall? Which one? Trendy shops or grocery stores? 


Happy writing!


Now that you’ve read our crash-course, you’re ready to write a description that sells. Make your listing stand out among competitors, give potential buyers a reason to inquire further and you should see a healthy increase in leads.


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