Elevating your Business with a Clear Message

February 28, 2022

Elevating your Business with a Clear Message

Elevating your Business with a Clear Message: Marketing your business successfully is no easy feat, especially in a dynamic marketplace where effective branding is not just essential, but an ongoing challenge for many businesses. How do you make yourself stand out in a crowd, place yourself on top of a sea of competitors, and positively set yourself apart from the rest? It starts with elevating your business with a clear message.

Creating and developing your brand and website are an integral part of effective marketing to both engage clients and attract leads. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for many as developing one clear message and theme consistently throughout multiple platforms is not always so cut and dry.

One of the ways in which we have been working to help our clients grow their brand and their business is through the StoryBrand Framework. Building a StoryBrand, a book written by Don Miller, teaches business owners how to simplify their message using a story-based approach in order to Capture Attention, Compel Action, and Grow your Business.

The StoryBrand Framework consists of 7 steps to help you to craft a powerful brand by clarifying your message and communicating your immediate value. Using the story based approach allows your customer to connect emotionally to your brand by placing them, instead of the brand, as the hero and fully tapping into their needs and motivations, while uncovering the challenges they face and ultimately guiding them towards your business as the best solution.

The  7 Steps of the StoryBrand Framework:

  1. Making Your Audience The Hero
  2. Define the Audience’s Problem
  3. Be a Guide with a Solution
  4. Create a Clear Plan
  5. Include a Call To Action
  6. Define What's at Risk
  7. End Your Story with Success!

This framework has been proven effective by making the message easier not just to understand but to remember as well. This is because the human brain is hardwired to prefer stories. Using StoryBrand to launch yourself and your brand as a top choice in a busy market will help you stand out from the crowd, and bring some calm to the noise that your audience hears.

Reading Don Miller’s Building a StoryBrand is an excellent first step in understanding how making your own StoryBrand can help you, but interpreting and applying it takes time and practice. At Virtual Roots, we look forward to guiding you through the framework to create your own clear, concise brand message and further growing your business. 

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