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Who is Virtual Roots?

We offer on-demand, part-time or full time business support in the areas of administrative support, marketing, client management, advertising, lead generation, brand building, content marketing and social media integration. We help Real Estate Agents and small business owners with all aspects of running their business or parts of their business, wherever they need help. 

We provide a proven track record of solid business experience and practices while incorporating exciting innovations and the latest technology and techniques. We use our skills, education, training and expertise to help automate their current process so that they can be more efficient and, most importantly, more profitable. We have worked in the real estate industry for the past 7 years so we are well versed.


Confidentiality is our #1 Priority

We help businesses online through their social media presence, content marketing, digital marketing and driving traffic to their website. Social media amplifies their reach, signaling to search engines that users find your content valuable. We work both remotely and on site depending on the task or scale of the project. 

We work very closely with businesses and industries that may overlap. We pride ourselves on keeping the operations of each business confidential. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be prepared for each client. This ensures that marketing efforts or any information about the details of their business are protected.


Our Story

We started with one client and then added another one and another one and now we help 25+ businesses with various branches of their business. With our business strong and growing, we are a unique position to help small and medium businesses and real estate agents be successful. We started this business as Contract Business Solutions because we found there were so many Small businesses that need help. They needed a part time or a full time person to help them with parts of their business but they didn’t have time to train them or manage them. They knew they needed some help getting to the next level of growth and success. I can say this with experience, being a business owner is tough and it is hard to manage all balls you have up in the air, manage all the facets of the business that need your attention, grow and have time to have a life. We understand how important it is so we treat your business like our business. We will execute some or all of the branches of your company that need attention the way you want so you can focus on sales and your business goals.  


We look forward to working with you, 

Founder and CEO 


Meet The Team

Our Virtual Roots Team provides diverse skills and experience to allow us to tackle any project and provide top-level service. With a graphic designer, web designer, digital marketer, team of writers, and admin support specialists, we can handle any project large or small. Our team is always growing to suit our clients’ needs!

In 2011 I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, helping small business owners with specific tasks that they didn’t have time or the skills to accomplish so they could focus on what they do best. I have spent most of my career in the client service industry. I have been my own boss, I have worked with small and medium sized businesses owners and managed a large multi-million dollar corporation. I’m well-versed in effective customer growth and relationship building. I have worked within and among varying levels of management and ownership models. I have learned a great deal about business, management and what it takes to ultimately become successful. I graduated from Algonquin College in Small and Medium Enterprise Management. In 2011 I married my wonderful husband Chris and we have three boys at home that keep us busy.


Founder and CEO

Crystal Logan

Creative Manager

Sonia Bennett

Client Care Coordinator 

Nichole Benjamin

Graphic Designer

Mark Pelisek

Website Designer

Some of our team

We are really proud of our team that work hard everyday to deliver extraodinary things for our clients. 

  • Content Writers
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Designers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Social Media gurus 


What People Say

Sarah is an entrepreneur with the business savvy, integrity, hustle, creativity and quick wit to build a business from the ground up, driven by a genuine passion for helping people achieve their goals. I’ve seen first-hand the joy in Sarah’s eyes when she discovers a new way to help a client be more successful by removing mundane problems from their lives. Lots of people want your business, but very few, like Sarah, want your success and are equipped to help you achieve it.


Vice President of Professional Services and Branch Manager at Zernam Enterprise Inc.


What People Say

WCGroup highly recommends the Team at Virtual Roots. WCGroup is an international consulting firm that provides Geospatial solutions. Sarah Lachance and her Team has been a vital element in our business operations for many years. They provide us with all aspects of Social media, Website design, Data Base management and other business operational support. The quality of their support is first rate and very professional. To me the most important factor in their support to WCGroup is their ability to very quickly assess our challenges and suggest professional solutions. They have always tailored these solutions to our business model and work flows. In addition, Virtual Roots billing processes are accurate, reasonable and very professional I strongly recommend Virtual Roots. I will be pleased to discuss their support to WCGroup at any time


Managing Partner WCGroup


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We can help you with every aspect of your business or just parts of your business. That is what is great about what we do, we are here to help with whatever you need help with. There are no minimums and we will bill by the minute for the tasks you ask us to do.