Making the Most of Your Database – 5 Great Touchpoints For REALTORS®

January 28, 2022

As a REALTOR ®, you already know that finding a customer based on first initial contact can be a rare occurrence. Fortunately, this is where tools such as your CRM database come in handy. Using your database to collect and maintain client contact information is essential to not only provide clients with the most up-to-date information to keep them educated but also to distribute marketing materials that keep you connected for future business. 


To complete these actions effectively, agents can use their CRM database to create and deliver “touchpoints”. Touchpoints are meaningful connections made to capture the attention of existing clients and potential leads. As prospective customers today are typically more immune to traditional advertisements, it's important to make personal connections and network in unique ways to continue to grow your business.

Here are five great touchpoints to use when reaching out to your clients 


Acknowledging Noteworthy Days

Sending a card to a client on a noteworthy day is a great way to let them know that you remember them, are thinking about them, or wish them well. Noteworthy days for special occasion cards include:


  • Home Purchase Anniversary
  • Clients Birthdays
  • Christmas or Holiday Card
  • New Years Card


While many appreciate a card or note on special occasions, you can stand out more with a Home Purchase Anniversary card, or New Years' card as they are recognized by a social network less frequently. Being strategic can save you money, and help you to shine a little brighter in your clients' memory. 


Sending Emailers

Buying or selling a home isn’t a decision that happens overnight. It can take months or years before a person is confident enough to take the leap and contact a REALTOR®. This is why it is important to stay ahead of the game by establishing your brand and yourself as a trustworthy source of information and real estate expert. As email still appeals to every demographic, sending an emailer allows you to reach your target audience with personalized correspondence. 


Emailers can be sent to clients that you have worked with in the past, whose information is already logged in your database, as well as prospective clients who give their information at an open house or through online inquiries. In providing your past clients and future prospects with up to date, customized, and relevant information, you establish your credibility and remain at the forefront of their minds when they ready themselves to buy or sell a property, and at the tip of their tongues when someone is looking for a referral. 


Schedule “Pop-Bys”
In Real Estate, many agents use “Pop-By’s” as a strategic marketing tool. The pop-by visit usually includes a small gift and is done as a means to reconnect with old clients and remain on their radar for future business. Once a kind gesture is received, social norms create an opportunity for the client to respond with another positive gesture. This could mean building a lasting client-agent relationship or generating more clients through referrals to friends and family. 


Sending Marketing Materials

Print marketing materials such as postcards, and print newsletters are an excellent way to show off your brand and communicate your value while creating recognition in the community or with past and future clients. It is important to make eye-catching, distinct designs that are informative and of high quality so that your audience will hold onto them, and see your brand repeatedly. Make sure to include distinguishing features such as your logo, contact information, and/or picture. When the time comes to contact an agent, you are already established as a trustworthy source, and your information is on hand.


Ask For Reviews
After having a positive experience with a client, a great tactic to both remind them of their experience and possibly generate new leads is by requesting online reviews or testimonials. You can do this during a “pop-by” visit after closing, or during any follow-up contact or communication. A happy client is typically happy to spread the word of a memorable transaction and promote the business of the person who helped them through it. Repeat and referral business can help you thrive, and it will be positive client interactions and reviews that allow you to achieve just that. 


It is always important to make your clients feel important and special from first impression to closing day and beyond. In using these client touchpoints and distributing branded materials, you can ensure that you are wowing your existing client base, staying top of mind, and capturing the attention of new leads and future prospects to further grow your business. 

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