What is SEO and how could it help your business?

November 1, 2022

What is SEO and how could it help your business?


SEO is an acronym short for Search Engine Optimization. You may have heard the term thrown around here and there, but what exactly is SEO and how could it help your business and its online presence? In this article, we’ll discuss the impact SEO has on your business and how you can improve yours today.


What is SEO? How can it help your online presence?


SEO is a term to describe your website’s favourability for search engines like Google. There are many reasons why SEO is important, especially for a business targeting growth. If your website has strong SEO, you will appear higher up on the results page when people look for terms related to your business. If your website has poor SEO, search engines won’t drive as many users to your site in favour of other websites with better SEO.


There are almost endless criteria to determine how optimized your website is, but it primarily comes down to use of “keywords” and your website’s connections to others. For example, if you’re a burger restaurant and you have the words “burger” “hamburger” and “restaurant” all over your site, you’ll appear higher on the page. If you have your social media linked back to the website, this will also make you appear higher on the page.


Please note that these are just the basics, as there are an almost endless number of influences on your SEO. Large corporations will create entire positions dedicated to understanding and optimizing these processes. SEO criteria constantly receives updates along with the search engine technology itself.


Can SEO harm your online presence?


Competitors will also likely be competing for the same keywords, which is why having strong SEO is so important. Strong SEO could give your business the edge over others in your field, and weak SEO could easily let them run away with some of your prospective customers.


SEO can also filter out content it deems “not useful”. If your website is minimal and features frequent errors like typos and broken links, your website can tank in its ranking.


How can I improve my SEO?


An easy way to optimize is to increase the frequency of keywords you believe your audience will search for in order to find your business. Try linking your other resources back to your website to build some credibility in the eyes of the search engine.


Any questions?


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